Lead Bartender

Robert Garrison

Baltimore native Robert Garrison now serves as Wit & Wisdom’s Lead Bartender and has over 20 years of experience in the service and fine dining industry. Throughout his career, Garrison has had the unique opportunity to cultivate skills in a variety of industry divisions, including hospitality and service, that have primed him for his new role as Lead Bartender. Garrison’s Baltimore background has given him a rich understanding of regional dining and an innate passion for promoting local craft.

As Lead Bartender, Garrison is responsible for developing menus and new products, leading the bar, managing all aspects of in-the-moment guest service, and crafting specialty cocktails like his signature drink, The Boulevardier. Garrison combines his vast industry experience with his passion for developing modern renderings of classic cocktails to deliver a personalized and memorable experience for each guest. Much of his inspiration for cocktail development is derived from his fascination with unconventional pairings and keen understanding of flavor profiles.

An avid industry bookworm, Garrison thrives on opportunities to learn more about his craft through organizations like the Baltimore Bartenders’ Guild and traveling and working with locally owned breweries. His native influence is welcomed, as are the locally-inspired ingredients and beers held on tap.