Lead Bartender

Jonathan Levy

For Jonathan Levy, what started as a creative outlet post college fell naturally into place as a distinguished career as Wit & Wisdom’s lead bartender. In his role heading Baltimore's Best (Fancy) Bar, Levy is dedicated to providing an interactive and entertaining experience for all tavern guests. His key responsibilities include developing menus and new products, leading the bar and ensuring fluid service for all guests.

Levy personifies the qualities of a lead bartender through his dedication to the craft, leadership and creativity. He strives to blend the modern emphasis on craft and seasonality with a more classic approach to create thoughtful, timeless cocktails.  His passion for preserving the history of classic cocktails within high-end hotel bars translates to his team’s impeccable service standards. 

Levy has served under Four Seasons for the past three years, cultivating his career from part-time bar back between Pabu and Wit & Wisdom to full-time bartender at Pabu and now lead bartender at Wit & Wisdom.  

Levy graduated from Baltimore’s own Maryland Institute College of Art in 2013 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Painting. In his spare time, he runs a studio of semiprivate creative workspaces in Hampden for working artists in the community.