May 31st  Luscious Loire Valley!

Come row, row, row, your boat down France's Loire Valley with us on May 31st.  You'll taste some gorgeous expressions of deliciously refreshing wines from his region.  Think Muscadet, Sancerre, Chinon, Vouvray...  All of these wines are beautiful for celebrating spring's transition to summer.   |  29pp   


June 21st  Summer of Riesling!    

Oh yes, it's baaaaacck!  Come let us show you how amazingly versatile this grape is.  Six Rieslings, all different styles and regions.   Florality does not necessarily indicate that the wine will be sweet.  Come explore this magnificent grape!  |  29pp


June 28th South Africa 

An Exploration of South Africa - come meet Jim Clark, US Ambassador of Wines of South Africa.  He will lead you on a guided tasting of 6 wines from this absolutely gorgeous and diverse wine region!  |  29pp

July 5th Summer Wines

Summer sippers - want some snappy ideas for drinking by the pool or alongside your grill or croquet set?   Come on over to the Kitchen Table, we'll give you six ideas that will leave you craving a burger and your swimsuit!  |  29pp

July 26 Geek Speak

What are all these words sommeliers say to describe wine?  What do they mean?  AKA - Blind Tasting 101...  |  29pp

August 16 Aged Wines

Are we actually supposed to let wines age as long as the winemaker or the back label tells us?  This tasting is inspired by our sommelier's friend who actually did this - collected wine and didn't touch the bottles for over ten years and when she did, she was very surprised.  What will you think?  Have you ever tasted aged wines before?  Come and see!  |  59pp